About Us

Lori, Denis, Pablo

Lori, Denis, Pablo

Mission Statement:

Horse Haven Farm assists owners and riders to develop enjoyable, successful partnerships with confident, well-schooled, equine athletes, through training, coaching and/or the acquisition of a quality sport horse.

The Owners:

The coach/trainer of Horse Haven Farm, Lori Bell, has a long-standing, solid reputation as a rider of dressage horses at the national and international level of competition in Canada. Skills include starting and developing young horses with a goal towards classically started, happily working horses. Over the years, a discerning eye for quality young horses has been developed. Many placings on numerous horses over the past 25 years include excellent results at the Canadian and Ontario Championships. Lori has ridden and shown all levels of dressage from Training to Grand Prix. First place with 74.8% at the Devon Horse Show with Flirt in the Intermediare 1 freestyle is definitely a highlight.  Lori is proudly sponsored by Custom Saddlery.

Farm Manager, Denis Rodet, has many duties, including maintaining pastures, keeping footing at its best, and being responsible for the many repairs and upkeep that is an ongoing challenge on any farm.  Growing up on a tobacco farm and having a life-long love of horses  allows Denis to enjoy and excel in his role at Horse Haven Farm.

Proudly sponsored by Custom Saddlery

Ethics Statement:

“Do unto others as they would be done unto” – Deal differently with each person; personal happiness and values are not the same for everyone.

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